Girls Leadership & Entrepreneurship Development Non Profit Organization

For girls 12-18, 6th - 12th grade

including public, private, & home school

About Us

Our Teens


Our girls have various backgrounds. They look different, talk differently & think differently. Some have physical scars and some scars can't be seen with the eye but their eyes tell a story.  Here's what they have in common: they are creative, they are funny, they are bright, they are resilient, and they are caring... They are all encouragers, supportive and thoughtful.  And everything, any support you can give helps us to nurture each teen believe in her gifts and abilities.  The are inspired by your best wishes for them and they learn to be inspiring to each other, because you are one of their best examples.

Our Vision


 iSaBu influence and guide young girls to greatness by achieving life, Entrepreneurship, career planning and academic success through teaching, leading and coaching through middle and high school age girls (13-18) know to be most critical and cortical stages of development to provide the extend support for holistic student and character development. 

Our Mission


iSaBu, a non profit organization, focus on leadership, entrepreneurship & the holistic development to maximum positive effort in each teen girls life.  Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change. Using data driven models, we provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference.

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Your support and contributions will enable iSaBu to meet our goals and improve conditions for so many teen girls here in North Texas and throughout the US. Your generous donation will fund our mission and enlighten their dreams.

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