Our Programs


Holistic Development Program

Being a grils make them the same but as we know all girls are different.  Our  concerned with the strengthening & development of every teen girl's intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. iSaBu  seeks to engage our teen girls in the teaching/learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility. So that those that are in school stay and those out of school are able to return or obtain to continue & further their education.


Time & Financial Management

iSaBu partners with business and collaborate with women in the finance industry to cultivate a tailored program for iSaBu teens.  We use evidence based  programs to establish a curriculum for girls  ages 13 - 18 years old in the DFW and surround areas and rual communities in East Texas. Our program is available for teen girls online and are able to participate in many of our activities. 


Career & Education Guidance Program

We are partnered with women and businesses throughtout the US to broaden the eyes of our teenage girls and expand their possiblities & imaginations from Arospace to Rotics, STEAM to Zooligy. Whether they own the business, run the business or create the next great idea to make anything greater and better.  Visting businessse and colleges nation wide, our teens will be both enlighten and educated for geater things to come in the 21st & beyond.

Meet the Staff

Angela D Green - CEO/Founder


Dr. Rita Walters - Executive Director


Catrice Giles - Communications Director


Teen Apprentice to Executive Staff

Teen Apprentice to CEO/Founder - JOANNA P.


Each teen with 40 participating group and/or volunteer hours are eligible to apply  for Teen Apprentice and Teen Lead Positions.

Project Teen Leads


Driven by purpose and passion, our girls are all elible to participate as 

Teen Apprentice for Executive Director


 Each teen with 40 participating  group and volunteer hours are eligible to apply  for Teen Apprentice Positions of  CEO & Executive Director.